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Krispy Kreme Programmatic Campaign
We applied comprehensive programmatic offerings to increase brand awareness among relevant residents and drive foot traffic to the newly opened store. Overall, we wanted to achieve a low Cost Per Action (CPA) of $20 for in-person store visits and a CTR of .10% throughout their nearly two-month campaign.

We established a strategy to reach relevant doughnut and coffee consumers using Geo-Fencing. By applying their knowledge of the local market, the agency supplied a list of 20 retail stores near the new Krispy Kreme shop that sold similar products. Target fences were drawn around these locations to capture visitors and serve them display ads for up to 30 days later.

In addition to this competitor conquesting using Geo-Fencing, CGR Communication wanted to expand the campaign’s reach and increase brand awareness for Krispy Kreme. We deployed Keyword Search Retargeting to reach users who indicated interest in doughnuts, coffee shops, or similar brands based on their online searches. 1559 keywords were implemented for this campaign tactic including donuts, Krispy Kreme, handmade donuts, and more to serve display ads to potential shoppers.

By the end of the 48-day flight, delivered 237 in-person visits to the Krispy Kreme store at a $5.51 CPA, greatly outperforming the $20 goal. The campaign also achieved a CTR of 0.21%,which more than doubled the initial goal of 0.10%. CGR Communications and Krispy Kreme plan to continue working with programmatic media tactics to efficiently reach local doughnut lovers and increase brand awareness throughout Jamaica.









Geofence Locations and Results


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