Captain’s Watersports Foot Traffic Conversion

Client wanted to increase foot-traffic to their Captain’s Watersports concessions kiosks at Grand Palladium and Secrets/Breathless all-inclusive hotels. Since these are all-inclusive properties our client was only interested in advertising to guests on property.

We created target geofences around both hotel properties complexes and tagged the guests in our DMP platform so we could serve Captain’s Watersports ads to them during their stay. We created conversion geofences around the Captain’s Watersports kiosks, so we tracked the foot-traffic conversions, that is guests who were served our ads and then visited the Captains Watersports kiosk at each property.

In the 5-week campaign we generated 331 foot-traffic or “offline” conversions – 102 at Palladium and 226 at Secrets. Additionally, we generated 201 click throughs to their website booking pages or “online” conversions.


Grand Palladium Conversion Fences


Secrets & Breathless Conversion Fences


Display Ad 2300x250


Display Ad 160x600


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