Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary marketing communications Agency with expertise in advertising, public relations, interactive, branding and sponsorship. Formed in 1971, CGR has leveraged its reputation as a leading agency in Jamaica, to acting as a strategic partner with the instincts, capabilities and flexibility to work with a range of clients, from start-ups to global brands in local and international markets

We have long recognized that evolving trends in marketing negate a blinkered approach. Our innovation and performance deliver ideas and executions that transcend and one media channel, or the philosophy that every communication problem can be solved with just advertising. That’s why our Agency is the most integrated in Jamaica today. Our growth and development as an Agency over the past decade has supported this approach; the acquisition of Creative Projects in 2005 brought in-house the full capabilities of a bonafide PR Agency, and the formation of our digital interactive arm Shift Interactive in 2009 has ensured that we continue to lead in the area of emerging media and technology.

With a diverse cadre of professionals, our clients have immediate access to the best thinking in interactive media, issues management, consumer experience, and yes, advertising. We create meaningful conversations with audiences so that they are moved to action rather than bombarded with messages. We are focused on the deep insights about our audience, the refinement of the message, and the sharpness of the medium.

What We Believe
Our philosophy is simple: talent, teamwork and tenacity will always win the day.